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Chelsea Issue Official Statement from the Club Owner, Roman Abramowich, in response to growing political tensions



The official statement from the club owner, Roman Abramowich, in response to the mounting pressure

Chelsea have published an official statement

..from the owner, Roman Abramowich, after his name was mentioned in the UK Parliament as tensions arise on the political front. The official statement can be seen on the club’s verified accounts across all social media.


Tuesday saw many Russian oligarchs, banks, entities, individuals and businesses operating within the country, receiving harsh sanctions imposed by The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in order to restrict Russian economic resources.


The build-up that led to the Chelsea owner’s stepping aside from the regulatory affairs


Even though the list targeted all the major Russian billionaires, one such billionare was surprisingly exempted from it, Roman Abramowich. This resulted in a political upheaval and despite this rather fortunate incident, the Russian billionaire was still called out in the Parliament by the Labour MP, Chris Bryant. He highlighted his alleged links to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and the possibility of him being involved in corruption practices.


Official Statement

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramowich


In response to the outcry and the growing scrutiny around his assets, Roman Abramowich has decided to come forward with an ‘ambiguous’ official statement, addressing his status as the club owner.


The statement is as follows;




“During my nearly 20-year ownership of Chelsea FC, I have always viewed my role as a custodian of the Club, whose job it is ensuring that we are as successful as we can be today, as well as build for the future, while also playing a positive role in our communities. I have always taken decisions with the Club’s best interest at heart. I remain committed to these values. That is why I am today giving trustees of Chelsea’s charitable Foundation the stewardship and care of Chelsea FC.


I believe that currently they are in the best position to look after the interests of the Club, players, staff, and fans”.


The logical takeaway from this official statement


Logically, this appears to be a protective measure against the possibility of his assets being frozen. The play at words like ‘stewardship‘ instead of ‘ownership‘ in the statement further reaffirms the theory that he’s only trying to distance himself temporarily from the club in an attempt to insulate it from any possible sanctions he may face personally.


Whether this essentially changes anything or not is still unclear. However, the key takeaway from the statement is that he’s handed over the management and running of the club to the trustees of the Chelsea’s Charitable Foundation for the time being.


It’s a risk management considering if any sanctions are heading his way, the club won’t have to undergo major changes, like complete transformation of the leadership structure as the control body will already be in place.


It’s also a PR move designed to make the club’s standing on the Russia-Ukraine conflict known, independent of Roman Abramowich’s personal and professional inclinations.


These are the 5 trustees of the foundation;


Bruce Buck

John Devine

Emma Hayes

Piara Power

Paul Ramos 

Sir Hugh Robertson


Chairman Chelsea FC, Bruce Buck


Bruce Buck is the current chairman of  Chelsea and also heads the Charitable Foundation.



Chelsea News

Farewell, Abramovich – The End of Roman Era




End of Roman Era

The End of Roman Era for heartbroken Chelsea fans

As Chelsea fans bid farewell to their cherished club owner, we look at the impact Roman had on this club and how his departure could prove apocalyptically awful for Chelsea’s sustenance. To the Chelsea fans, Roman Abramovich was their ‘Alex Ferguson’ in terms of his immense influence on club’s prosperity and culture. People across social media are calling this unfortunate event the End of Roman Era. To go so far as to say he was the godfather of the club wouldn’t be wrong either.

When Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea back in 2003, Premier League was a two-horse race with Manchester United and Arsenal leading the majority of the competition. Chelsea’s list of honours, at that point in time, included a single League Title, three FA Cups, two League Cups, two UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup & one UEFA Super Cup.  Roman bankrolled Chelsea and helped transform the club from a mid-table team with a numbered few silverware to a team that has now won every single major trophy. Roman, in literal terms, has transformed Chelsea into an indisputable powerhouse club in England and beyond.

Roman’s decorative achievements since his takeover in 2003

Ever since his takeover, Chelsea have went on to win an enviable amount of silverware. He built Chelsea into a club that demanded success and through that success, it got global attention. Roman helped Chelsea win five Premier League titles, two Champions League trophies, five FA Cups, three league Cups, two Europa Leagues, two Community Shields, one UEFA Super Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. The club owner departs with 21 trophies under his belt. His commitment to bringing continued success to the club will always be appreciated. Roman is not a typical club owner. Roman is one of the very few owners who actually loves the game. To other people, the debate about whether he was a good person or not will always be open but no one can deny the fact that he was a fantastic owner.

End of Roman Era

Chelsea’s trophies under Roman Abramovich’s 19-year tenure


Not only that, Roman has revolutionised the Chelsea franchise with his unwavering support to making Chelsea Women’s team reach similar level of success. Since 2014, Chelsea Women have won 11 trophies in total.

His dedication wasn’t just limited to those areas but also in developing Chelsea’s youth academy. Roman’s vision included that Chelsea became self-sustainable with the quality it had in its academy.

Roman’s appointment of Jose Mourinho in his early years of Chelsea ownership, instantly established the club as leading trophy contenders. The Chelsea era where John Terry, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard were leading Jose Mourinho’s army will be remembered as one of the most iconic times in the football history. Under Mourinho’s management, Chelsea went on to win the Premier League, in addition to the League Cup. A flood of further trophies followed in the coming years, helping Roman leave his mark at the club.

His passion to lift the club to unprecedented heights was evident in his financial decisions for the club, investing every opportunity he had on the infrastructure, academy, the women’s team and the global reach the club has today. He never hesitated investing in players that could ensure the club’s success. Chelsea won their first Champions League title in 2012 under Roman’s ownership. It was a breakthrough moment in club’s history as it was the first time the club boasted the most prized trophy in club football.

To this day, the fans sing his name because of how he’s always prioritised club success despite football being a business in modern days.

It is rare that the club owners grace the games with their presence but Roman Abramovich was more or less always present at the games. Over the course of last few years, his frequency at the games was compromised due to the political climate but despite that, he was always emotionally invested in the games and made sure he followed them.

Roman celebrating the FIFA Club World Cup trophy with Cesar Azpilicueta as he completes his trophy set for Chelsea.

He has always celebrated the club WITH the club. He’s one of the very few owners who listened to the fans and based some of his club decisions accordingly. For Chelsea fans, it has been a tremendous 19 years of unparalleled club success due to which they hail him as one of the most influential owners in the world football.


Chelsea fans thank Roman for the memories. Him leaving the club has the fans deflated as they consider his legacy irreplaceable. This concludes the End of Roman Era.

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