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BEST OF TWEETS: Read fans, coach opinions, analysis as Chelsea lose against City to rail out of the title race



It is understood that Chelsea are not having the best run of forms current in the Premier League both in defense and attack. Yesterday’s game only cemented the notion that Man City are a cut above the rest in the league.

Chelsea now sit at second below Man City, with a huge gap of the thirteen points between the two teams.

Liverpool sit right behind the Blues by 1 point, however they have 2 games in hand at the moment, which makes it likely that Thomas Tuchel’s men will be dropping down to third soon.

It never looked like Chelsea were a serious threat for the Blue team from Manchester throughout the game and despite some counterattacks by the West London side, they never looked in control.

The moment of truth arrived at the 70th minute mark as Kevin De Bruyne scored a truly world-class goal.

The Belgian got the ball from midfield and ran with it as N’Golo Kante tried to chase him desperately, however De Bruyne got himself in a tight angle outside of the box and shot it pinpoint into the bottom right corner.

Chelsea never looked like they were coming back from that. The fans, were of course frustrated with the result and some chose to blame players for the bad showing.

And not just Lukaku, they took their shots at other individuals as well.

After yesterday’s horrible performance up front by the Blues, some questions are being asked by the fanbase.

However, it looks like Tuchel made no secrets about his sentiments about players being at fault. The presenter asked Tuchel about how Romelu Lukaku had no service today and the German was blatant about his feelings.

Read what he said below.

Nevertheless, the fanbase now looks divided on the question of the manager’s ability as well. While it is a fact that Chelsea have struggled due to injuries and Covid-19 outbreak, fans are getting impatient.

Some questions are now being asked of the manager too. They are questioning why Tuchel is not putting on potentially the best attacking lineup on the pitch.

Whether it is reactionary to do so or not, this is up for debate.

Nevertheless, fans primarily sit on the other side of the debate who back Tuchel fully and understand there isn’t much the German can do given the amount of limited resources and squad depth he has to make-do with.

News has also come out that indicates the German is upset with something in his tactical setup which is quite clearly not working. Maybe he needs to make some tweaks, and quick.

Fans also noticed this and pointed out how angry the former PSG manager was during the entirety of the game.

This was the first time they’ve seen him be fuming this much during his reign at Chelsea.

Some fans are genuinely baffled how the German manager took this squad and won them a Champions League last season, and that too over Manchester City.

But, just to put into perspective truly how bad Chelsea were going forward and not having a bite in their attack in the game, we need to look at some numbers.

Perhaps, Chelsea’s kryptonite for this season are Man City, how the roles have reversed from last season when Tuchel had just taken over.

Even the manager himself acknowledged this in his post match talk with the media. Some fans are already talking about what changes need to be made in the summer in the squad.

Have a look below.

This might sound harsh, but it’s certainly true that players have to take on some blame for the stale performances we’ve been seeing in the league week in week out for months now.

However, as true fans we can only back the club and manager to turn things around and get us back to competing in other remaining competitions this season.

Fingers crossed for a turnaround in coming days in the season.🤞

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Best of Tweets

BEST OF TWEETS: Check out all the reactions, tweets as Chelsea beat Crystal Palace late in the game



Look at all the tweets, reactions and post match thoughts as Chelsea beat Crystal Palace. Scroll down below to catch the match and post match happenings down below.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea: Player ratings as Blues snatch last-minute win

Chelsea had a tough time getting over the line but they did

The Blues went away to Selhurst Park yesterday and emerged victorious from the fixture. Chelsea played a well rounded game, created several chances but just as usual lately, couldn’t manage to convert.

However, the moment of reckoning came late but it did arrive. In the dying vestiges of the game, a long cross by M. Alonso from that fell right on Ziyech’s lap.

Unaware Palace defenders couldn’t manage to do anything about it by the time they noticed. Ziyech pushed it inside so elegantly, with the ball going from through the keeper’s legs.

However, it was not as if the Eagles had put up a bad show, not at all. They even managed to get clear chances in on goal, with their main line of threat coming from the left wing.

Always great to see a player who is doing well get the props for his performances, and Ziyech’s been our saving grace for sometime. From the goal against Spurs till today, he’s been stunning.

However, with City losing to Spurs this weekend, Chelsea have now closed the gap up a little. The gap now stands at 13 points, with Blues having a game in hand.

Also, Spurs beating City by 2-3 means another great thing for the Blues. Their record breaking defensive stats in the 2004-05 season survives another season.

Oh, and a little banter never hurt anyone? Look at the fans taking digs at the League toppers Manchester City for possibly bottling their huge lead in the league.

Look at the blunt change in tone from the German when asked about why Lukaku’s been underwhelming lately. The striker’s not been on form ever since his return to England, and blamed the system played for his performances.

Tuchel is now suggesting the opposite is the reason. Watch down below.

However, now onto the gaffer’s comments about this game and how it will impact their chances in the CL.

Chelsea will be facing Lille in their midweek round of 16 match in the Champions League. Check out Tuchel’s post match comments.



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BEST OF TWEETS: Have a look at EVERYTHING that transpired in Chelsea’s Club World Cup triumph



Chelsea clinch their first ever Club World Cup title as they drench the world in blue

Chelsea fans are still on a high after winning the only trophy the Blues hadn’t till Roman Abramovich’s takeover of the club, coming really close once in 2012.

However, now isn’t the time to think of the past but rather to live in the moment. Read down below to relive everything that happened last night!

The first half was very uneventful, with both teams coming close. Palmeiras did get very close to scoring on a counter once but Chelsea have to thank Dudu for misfiring.

The second half and afterwards was all Chelsea, except one mistake in handing over a penalty to Palmeiras. Chelsea scored off a pinpoint cross from CHO which was headed in by Lukaku.

Then the Brazilian side didn’t waste long in coming back into the game as they won themselves a penalty which was slotted in by Veiga.

With all equal at the full time whistle, the game went into extra time. With just 4 minutes left, Chelsea were handed a penalty thanks to a handball in the opposition box by Luan.

Azpilicueta played some mind games with the Palmeiras keeper by keeping the ball with him, and then handing it over to Kai Havertz. Some mindgames.

Havertz made no mistake to slot it into the corner and finished it off. Luan was then sent off in added time, and Chelsea were crowned Champions of the World.

One of the underappreciated players from last night’s glorious win was Antonio Rudiger, he left no stone unturned in making sure Mendy never had to deal with any serious shots.

Some fans are correctly pointing out how crucial he is for our backline, and that he has to stay at Stamford Bridge no matter what!

However, one man we absolutely can’t ignore in this victory for the Blues is definitely the man in charge of the team.

Since taking over last year, Thomas Tuchel has completely transformed the outlook of this Chelsea team and has transformed them into serial winners.

His record for Chelsea is already insane in just a year since taking over, is he on his way to becoming our most successful coach ever?

Still, we can’t look past some banter regardless of what we win, right?

Look at how the clubs and fans backed Kai Havertz when some people have been questioning his contribution to the team. Always back the players.🙌

Kai Havertz, Lukaku’s path to redemption or Rudiger’s commitment to the club despite doubts over his extension weren’t the only stories to come out of this final.

Edouard Mendy has truly been an inspiration for all of us. The Senegalese international has become the best keeper in the world, and fans see it. Excuse the language, though.

However, Mendy wasn’t the only player to win such huge honors for club and country.

Look at club legends who have also achieved huge things with club and country, cementing their status as one of the footballing greats.

And until next time, WE’RE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!


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Best of Tweets

BEST OF TWEETS: All the stats, opinions, jibes from the semis, AND the Lukaku goal from a different angle!



Chelsea head through to the Final of the Club World Cup after just edging past Al Hilal SFC

The Blues managed to just get a narrow victory against Saudi Arabian side Al Hilal, thanks to a defensive error by the opposition which was exploited by Lukaku.

The game was dominated all round by the Blues, creating several early chances. Especially Hakim Ziyech coming close with another beautiful strike which almost gave Chelsea their 1st.

Have a look at his goal from a more personal angle:

Another chance came Chelsea’s way with a cut back put in Lukaku’s way, which the Belgian tried to flick into the back of the net but completely missed the ball.

However, in the 32nd minute of the game, thanks to a horrible mistake by the Al Hilal defender who headed a Havertz cross onto Lukaku’s path a few yards from goal and the striker made no mistakes.

The Blues continued to create chances into second half, except for one occasion when Kepa was called into service and made a brilliant save to ensure Chelsea proceeded into another Cup final.

The fans rightly keep pointing how Chelsea’s keeper and backup keeper are so good, it’s almost becoming an impossible task to differentiate between them anymore.

Look at what Mateo Kovacic had to say about Chelsea ensuring their place in yet another Cup final under manager Thomas Tuchel:

While the Blues’ problems with finishing chances in front of goals continued, the fact they played more brave and free flowing football means goals will surely come in time.

Lukaku also looked as if he was fated to have another horrible showing but after he managed to bag himself a goal, his performance level and confidence both shot up, something the Blues desperately need.

Some fans before the game were dreaming and it paid off. While the Belgian didn’t bag a hattrick, he made sure the Blues went past Al Hilal to go into the CWC final.

Despite the goal, some Blues weren’t satisfied with his performance and had some jibes to make. Look at this tweet below:


Still, the team without their manager still managed to have a pretty good game. Mateo Kovacic once again showed why he’s the future and present of our midfield.

The Croat was awarded Man of the Match, and fans rightly acknowledged his performance in the middle of the park.

Hakim Ziyech was once again the creative engine in the forward line, and despite coming close to scoring, he had a great game.

His form since the start of the season has completely flipped, finally showing the fans why he was signed by Frank Lampard in 2020. The Moroccan is a magician.🎩

And now, onto the next opponent we will be facing in the finals to lay our hands upon the Club World Cup trophy.

We’ll come up against another Brazilian opponent in the CWC final, just like the last time we played the CWC final in 2012. Let’s hope the result is different this time around!

Hopefully, the Blues trophy closet will have another addition to complete the trophy collection, something not all clubs, especially some London clubs can brag about, eh?

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